Maths Meets Arts Festival

Over the past 5 months, I’ve been working as part of a “Tiger Team” led by Dr Katrin Leschke with Leicester Institute of Advanced Studies at University of Leicester. There are a variety of multi-disciplinary projects exploring the intersection of two rarely crossed fields, maths and arts.

As writer and arts consultant working with Katrin and a computer games developer, we created a virtual “Maths Garden” where people can explore complex math surfaces in a digital realm. Originally intended to be a virtual reality space, due to the current pandemic, we had to transform the project to work purely online. We’ll present our project so far on Monday 6 July at Maths Meets Arts Online festival! Here’s the startup screen I designed:

I’ll also be presenting “Sounds of Surface” with Andrew Johnston, our immersive installation, on Tuesday evening. This is a 3D printed, glow in the dark, audio-reactive digital installation exploring sounds of the Costa surface.

Sounds of Surface – Photo by Dean Leivers

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