Spark Family Takeover 2020

Commissioned by The Spark Arts for Children as Artistic Director, I worked closely with two groups of 7-10 year olds at Mayflower and Falcons primary schools, facilitating their ideas to be programmed as activities for a Spark Family Takeover event at Curve Theatre, Leicester. There were sound journeys and storytelling in the SEN Moon Beach, poetry, live musicians and DJ at the Beach Front, a growing postcard mural called the Portal to Anywhere on the mezzanine, a dressing up experience, hundreds of strung paper aeroplanes and walkabout performers.

Rationale (written inspired by the children):

The theatre is a captivating cabin
continuously unfurling a plethora
of tales, journeys and locations.
Spark Takeover will extend the theatre
to expand the lands, sands and seas
across the rest of the ‘world’ of the building.
Escape the outside mid-Feb greys and explore;
take a holiday for your mind.
Relax in curiosity;
burrow, delve, savour and downright recline.
Somewhere to go elsewhere.
Think of it more than a theatre,
imagine it a portal to anywhere.