Always on the offbeat

I’m a wordsmith, musician and lateral thinker bursting with ideas ready to venture into new realms and multi-disciplinary projects. A true empath keen to work directly with people to release their creativity, realise their artistic visions whilst supporting vulnerable groups and communities through therapeutic arts.

Poet by surprise who happened upon installation art, stumbled down a multitude of musical stairs and landed with a graphic design degree, I have an obsession with absurd wordplay, funky rhythms and finding the unusual in the everyday. I have been described as “fizzy”, “walking warmth” and my poetry as “falling down alphabet stairs. When I studied at an art school in France, my illustration teacher said to me

“tu pense au contre-pied”

which means “you think on the other foot”. I’m an active artist, tutor and performer currently based in the East Midlands. I work for several charities, organisations and causes across the Midlands with the intention of connecting people to knowledge, inspiration, each other and themselves. You’ll find me riddled with pareidolia (finding faces in things), listening intently to silence, searching for new sounds or concocting voices, characters and situations.